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  • The Doctor is a mysterious wanderer in time and space, with a zest for the unknown, and a passion for helping prevent alien invasions. He is a Time Lord, from the lost planet Gallifrey, and has access to huge stores of knowledge and technical achievements. When necessary, Time Lords are able to regenerate their bodies, retaining the same mind, and the Doctor has had to do this many times. But his essential good nature never changes.

    He is never cruel or cowardly, and takes a long-term perspective on the ways of the universe. He travels in the TARDIS, a craft designed and built by his people. It can travel anywhere in space and time. Usually, he takes people along with him as companions. He usually selects people who deserve the chance to broaden their horizons.

    During his adventures, he uses gadgets such as the Sonic Screwdriver, which can fulfil a multitude of usages. When all else fails, he uses his wits to save people.

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