Torchwood episode 2018 namesakes

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Torchwood episode 2018 namesakes

Post by Theta Sigma » Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:12 am

Last week saw the movie Adrift (2018) and at the same time saw The 100 5.6 Exit Wounds and both Adrift & Exit Wounds are also names of Torchwood season 2 episodes.
In fact the said movie and The 100 episode comes after the tenth anniversary of their respective Torchwood namesakes.
The Adrift movie was released on June 1 2018, less than three months after the tenth anniversary of its Torchwood namesake on March 19.
The 100 episode came on June 5 2018 two months after the tenth anniversary of its Torchwood namesake on April 4.
In addition Torchwood: Exit Wounds guest starred Amy Manson as Alice Guppy while its The 100 namesake has series regular Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Kane and both Manson and Cusick were in the movie Not Another Happy Ending starring my wife Karen Gillan.
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