6th Doctor Episode Guide

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Sixth Doctor

The Sixth Doctor was portrayed by Colin Baker.

Season 21 (1984) continued

Title Code Number of Episodes Writer Director Original airdate The Twin Dilemma 6S 4 Anthony Steven Peter Moffatt 22–30 March 1984

Season 22 (1985)

The series moved back to once-weekly Saturday broadcasts. All episodes were 45 minutes long, though they also exist in 25-minute versions. Although there were now only 13 episodes in the season, the total running time remained approximately the same as in previous seasons since the episodes were almost twice as long.

Title Code Number of Episodes Writer Director Original airdate Attack Of The Cybermen 6T 2 Paula Moore Matthew Robinson 5–12 January 1985 Vengeance on Varos 6V 2 Philip Martin Ron Jones 19–26 January 1985 The Mark of the Rani 6X 2 Pip and Jane Baker Sarah Hellings 2–9 February 1985 The Two Doctors 6W 3 Robert Holmes Peter Moffatt 16 February – 2 March 1985 Timelash 6Y 2 Glen McCoy Pennant Roberts 9–16 March 1985 Revelation of the Daleks 6Z 2 Eric Saward Graeme Harper 23–30 March 1985

Season 23 (1986)

After an 18-month production hiatus, the series returned. Eric Saward was script editor up to part eight, when Nathan-Turner unofficially took over script editing the remainder of the season because of Saward’s departure. The whole season is titled as The Trial of a Time Lord, and is split into four segments. The segments are commonly referred to by their working titles] (listed below) but the season was broadcast as one fourteen-part story and the working titles did not appear on screen. Episode length returned to 25 minutes, but with only fourteen episodes in the season, making the total running time of this season (and subsequent seasons) just over half of the previous seasons, going back to season 7.

Title Code Number of Episodes Writer Director Original airdate Episodes 1-4 (The Mysterious Planet) 6T 4 Robert Holmes Nicholas Mallett 6–27 September 1986 Episodes 5-8 (Mindwarp) 6V 4 Philip Martin Ron Jones 4–25 October 1986 Episodes 9-12 (Terror of the Vervoids) 6X 4 Pip and Jane Baker Chris Clough 1–22 November 1986 Episodes 13-14 (The Ultimate Foe) 6W 2
(Episode 2 is 30 minutes) Robert Holmes/Pip & Jane Baker Chris Clough 29 November – 6 December 1986