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4th Doctor Episode Guide

The Fourth Doctor was portrayed by Tom Baker. He is, to date, the actor who has played the Doctor for the longest time, having held the role for seven seasons.

Season 12 (1974–75)

Barry Letts served as producer for Robot, after which he was succeeded by Philip Hinchcliffe. Robert Holmes took over from Terrance Dicks as script editor. All serials in this season continue directly one after the other, tracing one single problematic voyage of the TARDIS crew. Despite the continuity, each serial is considered its own st&alone story. This season also introduced the character of Harry Sullivan as a companion; this character was intended to undertake action scenes, during the period prior to Tom Baker being cast, when it was unclear how old the actor playing the new Doctor would be.

Title Code Number of Episodes Writer Director Original airdate Robot 4A 4 Terrance Dicks Christopher Barry 28 December 1974 – 18 January 1975 The Ark in Space 4C 4 Robert Holmes (& John Lucarotti) Rodney Bennett 25 January – 15 February 1975 The Sontaran Experiment 4B 2 Bob Baker & Dave Martin Rodney Bennett 22 February – 1 March 1975 Genesis of the Daleks 4E 6 Terry Nation David Maloney 8 March – 12 April 1975 Revenge of the Cybermen 4D 4 Gerry Davis Michael Briant 19 April – 10 May 1975

Season 13 (1975–76)

During this season, Ian Marter (Harry Sullivan) left after Terror of the Zygons, but returned for a guest appearance in The Android Invasion

Title Code Number of Episodes Writer Director Original airdate Terror of the Zygons 4F 4 Robert Banks Stewart Douglas Camfield 30 August – 20 September 1975 Planet of Evil 4H 4 Louis Marks David Maloney 27 September – 18 October 1975 Pyramids of Mars 4G 4 Stephen Harris (pseudonym for Robert Holmes & Lewis Greifer) Paddy Russell 25 October – 15 November 1975 The Android Invasion 4J 4 Terry Nation Barry Letts 22 November – 13 December 1975 The Brain of Morbius 4K 4 Robin Bl& (pseudonym for Terrance Dicks & Robert Holmes) Christopher Barry 3–24 January 1976 The Seeds of Doom 4L 6 Robert Banks Stewart Douglas Camfield 31 January – 6 March 1976

Season 14 (1976–77)

Sarah sadly leaves in The H& of Fear. The Master returns after long gap in The Deadly Assassin. Leela joins in the Face of Evil

Title Code Number of Episodes Writer Director Original airdate The Masque of Mandragora 4M 4 Louis Marks Rodney Bennett 4–25 September 1976 The Hand of Fear 4N 4 Bob Baker & Dave Martin Lennie Mayne 2–23 October 1976 The Deadly Assassin 4P 4 Robert Holmes David Maloney 30 October – 20 November 1976 The Face of Evil 4Q 4 Chris Boucher Pennant Roberts 1–22 January 1977 The Robots of Death 4R 4 Chris Boucher Michael Briant 29 January – 19 February 1977 The Talons of Weng-Chiang 4S 6 Robert Holmes
(& Robert Banks Stewart) David Maloney 26 February – 2 April 1977

Season 15 (1977–78)

Graham Williams took over as producer from Philip Hinchcliffe. Robert Holmes was replaced as script editor by Anthony Read during The Sun Makers. K9 makes his debut in The Invisible Enemy

Title Code Number of Episodes Writer Director Original airdate Horror of Fang Rock 4V 4 Terrance Dicks Paddy Russell 3–24 September 1977 The Invisible Enemy 4T 4 Bob Baker & Dave Martin Derrick Goodwin 1–22 October 1977 Image of the Fendahl 4X 4 Chris Boucher George Spenton-Foster 29 October – 19 November 1977 The Sun Makers 4W 4 Robert Holmes Pennant Roberts 26 November – 17 December 1977 Underworld 4Y 4 Bob Baker & Dave Martin Norman Stewart 7–28 January 1978 The Invasion of Time 4Z 6 David Agnew (pseudonym for Graham Williams & Anthony Read) Gerald Blake 4 February – 11 March 1978

Season 16 (1978–79)

Douglas Adams took over as script editor from Anthony Read for The Armageddon Factor. Season 16 consists of one long story arc encompassing six separate, linked stories. This season is referred to by the umbrella title The Key to Time & has been released on DVD under this title.

Title Code Number of Episodes Writer Director Original airdate The Ribos Operation 5A 4 Robert Holmes George Spenton-Foster 2–23 September 1978 The Pirate Planet 5B 4 Douglas Adams Pennant Roberts 30 September – 21 October 1978 The Stones of Blood 5C 4 David Fisher Darrol Blake 28 October – 18 November 1978 The Androids of Tara 5D 4 David Fisher Michael Hayes 25 November – 16 December 1978 The Power of Kroll 5E 4 Robert Holmes Norman Stewart 23 December 1978 – 13 January 1979 The Armageddon Factor 5F 6 Bob Baker & Dave Martin Michael Hayes 20 January – 24 February 1979

Season 17 (1979–80)

Season 17 marked Lalla Wards first appearance as Romana however she had a role previously as Princess Astra in The Armageddon Factor. Sadly Shada had a strike from the BBC which mean’t the non completion of that story

Title Code Number of Episodes Writer Director Original airdate Destiny of the Daleks 5J 4 Terry Nation Ken Grieve 1–22 September 1979 City of Death 5H 4 David Agnew (pseudonym for Douglas Adams, Graham Williams, & David Fisher) Michael Hayes 29 September – 20 October 1979 The Creature from the Pit 5G 4 David Fisher Christopher Barry 27 October – 17 November 1979 Nightmare of Eden 5K 4 Bob Baker Alan Bromly 24 November – 15 December 1979 The Horns of Nimon 5L 4 Anthony Read Kenny McBain 22 December 1979 – 12 January 1980 Shada 5M 6 Douglas Adams Pennant Roberts Unaired

Season 18 (1980–81)

John Nathan-Turner replaced Graham Williams as producer. Barry Letts returned, as executive producer, for just this season. Christopher H. Bidmead replaced Douglas Adams as script editor. In a return to the format of early seasons, virtually all serials from Seasons 18 through 20 are linked together, often running directly into each other.

Season 18 forms a loose story arc dealing with the theme of entropy. Full Circle, State of Decay, & Warriors’ Gate trace the Doctor’s adventures in E-Space; which also introduces Adric. they were released in both VHS & DVD boxsets with the umbrella title The E-Space Trilogy. Nyssa & Tegan make their debuts in the Master trilogy, starting with The Keeper of Traken to the end of Tom’s era in Logopolis & in Castrovalva marking the debut for Peter Davison.

Title Code Number of Episodes Writer Director Original airdate The Leisure Hive 5N 4 David Fisher Lovett Bickford 30 August – 20 September 1980 Meglos 5Q 4 John Flanagan & &rew McCulloch Terence Dudley 27 September – 18 October 1980 Full Circle 5R 4 &rew Smith Peter Grimwade 25 October – 15 November 1980 State of Decay 5P 4 Terrance Dicks Peter Moffatt 22 November – 13 December 1980 Warriors’ Gate 5S 4 Stephen Gallagher Paul Joyce & Graeme Harper 3–24 January 1981 The Keeper of Traken 5T 4 Johnny Byrne John Black 31 January – 21 February 1981 Logopolis 5V 4 Christopher H. Bidmead Peter Grimwade 28 February – 21 March 1981

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