11th Doctor Episode Guide

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The Eleventh Doctor is portrayed by Matt Smith. Steven Moffat took over as head writer and executive producer after Russell T Davies stepped down. Julie Gardner also stepped down as executive producer and was replaced by Piers Wenger and Beth Willis.

Series 5 (2010)

Tracie Simpson and Peter Bennett shared producer duties for this series only, with Patrick Schweitzer co-producing with Simpson for “The Vampires of Venice” and “Vincent and the Doctor”.

Title Code Episodes Writer Director Original airdate “The Eleventh Hour“ 1.1 1 episode (65 mins) Steven Moffat Adam Smith 3 April 2010 “The Beast Below“ 1.2 1 episode Steven Moffat Andrew Gunn 10 April 2010 “Victory Of The Daleks“ 1.3 1 episode Mark Gatiss Andrew Gunn 17 April 2010 “The Time of Angels
Flesh and Stone“ 1.4
1.5 2 episodes Steven Moffat Adam Smith 24 April 2010
1 May 2010 “The Vampires of Venice“ 1.6 1 episode (50 mins) Toby Whithouse Jonny Campbell 8 May 2010 “Amy’s Choice“ 1.7 1 episode Simon Nye Catherine Morshead 15 May 2010 “The Hungry Earth
Cold Blood“ 1.8
1.9 2 episodes Chris Chibnall Ashley Way 22 May 2010
29 May 2010 “Vincent and the Doctor“ 1.10 1 episode Richard Curtis Jonny Campbell 5 June 2010 “The Lodger“ 1.11 1 episode Gareth Roberts Catherine Morshead 12 June 2010 “The Pandorica Opens
The Big Bang“ 1.12
1.13 2 episodes
(50 and 55 mins) Steven Moffat Toby Haynes 19 June 2010
26 June 2010

Specials (2010-11)

Sanne Wohlenberg produced “A Christmas Carol”.

Title Code Episodes Writer Director Original airdate “A Christmas Carol“ Christmas special (60 mins) Steven Moffat Toby Haynes 25 December 2010 “Space”
“Time” 2 Comic Relief specials (3 mins each) Steven Moffat Richard Senior 18 March 2011

Series 6 (2011)

The original transmission of series 6 was split into two parts, with the first seven episodes airing April to June 2011 and the final six from late August to October 2011. Sanne Wohlenberg continued as producer for the first block of filming, consisting of “The Doctor’s Wife” and “Night Terrors”. Marcus Wilson then took over as series producer, with Denise Paul producing “Closing Time”.

Title Code Episodes Writer Director Original airdate “The Impossible Astronaut
“Day of the Moon” 2.1
2.2 2 episodes Steven Moffat Toby Haynes 23 April 2011
30 April 2011 “The Curse of the Black Spot“ 2.9 1 episode Stephen Thompson Jeremy Webb 7 May 2011 “The Doctor’s Wife“ 2.3 1 episode Neil Gaiman Richard Clark 14 May 2011 “The Rebel Flesh
The Almost People“ 2.5
2.6 2 episodes Matthew Graham Julian Simpson 21 May 2011
28 May 2011 “A Good Man Goes to War“ 2.7 1 episode (50 mins) Steven Moffat Peter Hoar 4 June 2011 “Let’s Kill Hitler“ 2.8 1 episode (50 mins) Steven Moffat Richard Senior 27 August 2011 “Night Terrors“ 2.4 1 episode Mark Gatiss Richard Clark 3 September 2011 “The Girl Who Waited“ 2.10 1 episode Tom MacRae Nick Hurran 10 September 2011 “The God Complex“ 2.11 1 episode (50 mins) Toby Whithouse Nick Hurran 17 September 2011 “Closing Time“ 2.12 1 episode Gareth Roberts Steve Hughes 24 September 2011 “The Wedding of River Song“ 2.13 1 episode Steven Moffat Jeremy Webb 1 October 2011

Specials (2011-12)

The Christmas special was executive produced by Moffat, Wenger and Caroline Skinner. Beth Willis left the BBC and stepped down as executive producer after series 6 and Wenger also departed following the Christmas special, leaving Moffat and Skinner as executive producers for series 7.

Title Code Episodes Writer Director Original airdate “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe“ Christmas special (60 mins) Steven Moffat Farren Blackburn 25 December 2011 Pond Life 5-part mini-adventure Chris Chibnall Saul Metzstein 27-31 August 2012 (Webcast)1 September 2012 (BBC Red Button)

Series 7 (2012-13)

Series 7 started with five episodes in late 2012, followed by a Christmas special and eight episodes in 2013. Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvil both left in episode 5, and Jenna Louise Coleman made her surprise debut in the first episode.

Title Code Episodes Writer Director Original airdate “Asylum of the Daleks“ 3.1 1 episode (50 mins) Steven Moffat Nick Hurran 1 September 2012 “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship“ 3.2 1 episode Chris Chibnall Saul Metzstein 8 September 2012 “A Town Called Mercy“ 3.3 1 episode Toby Whithouse Saul Metzstein 15 September 2012 “The Power of Three“ 3.4 1 episode Chris Chibnall Douglas Mackinnon 22 September 2012 “The Angels Take Manhattan“ 3.5 1 episode Steven Moffat Nick Hurran 29 September 2012

Special (2012)

Title Code Episodes Writer Director Original airdate “The Snowmen“ Christmas special (60 mins) Steven Moffat Saul Metzstein 25 December 2012

Series 7 (2012-13) continued

Denise Paul produced “The Bells of Saint John”, “The Rings of Akhaten”, “Nightmare in Silver” and “The Name of the Doctor”, with Marcus Wilson credited as series producer on those episodes.

Title Code Episodes Writer Director Original airdate “The Bells of Saint John“ 3.6 1 episode Steven Moffat Colm McCarthy 30 March 2013 “The Rings of Akhaten“ 3.7 1 episode Neil Cross Farren Blackburn 6 April 2013 “Cold War“ 3.8 1 episode Mark Gatiss Douglas Mackinnon 13 April 2013 “Hide“ 3.9 1 episode Neil Cross Jamie Payne 20 April 2013 “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS“ 3.10 1 episode Stephen Thompson Mat King 27 April 2013 “The Crimson Horror“ 3.11 1 episode Mark Gatiss Saul Metzstein 4 May 2013 “Nightmare in Silver“ 3.12 1 episode Neil Gaiman Stephen Woolfenden 11 May 2013 “The Name of the Doctor“ 3.13 1 episode Steven Moffat Saul Metzstein 18 May 2013

Specials (2013)

The 50th anniversary special is planned to be broadcast in 3D and will feature the return of David Tennant and Billie Piper as the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler respectively.Following Caroline Skinner’s departure, BBC Wales’ Head of Drama Faith Penhale serves as Executive Producer with Moffat for the anniversary special] Brian Minchin, previously a script editor in series 5, takes over the role thereafter.

Title Code Episodes Writer Director Original airdate The The Day Of The Doctor 3.13a 50th anniversary special Steven Moffat Nick Hurran 23 November 2013 The Time Of The Doctor 3.13v Christmas special Steven Moffat Jamie Payne 25 December 2013

Twelfth Doctor

It was announced on 1 June 2013 that Matt Smith would be stepping down from the role of the Doctor, and that the Doctor is going to regenerate in the 2013 Christmas special.The casting of the Twelfth Doctor has yet to be announced] but there has been extensive media speculation on the subject.

Series 8 (2014)

The eighth series is planned to start filming in September 2013. Jenna-Louise Coleman has confirmed she will be returning.BBC One confirmed on their Twitter account that the new series would air in 2014.

The series is rumoured to contain 12 episodes and be broadcast from August 2014.

Other stories

Television broadcasts

There have also been several special Doctor Who episodes and serials that are produced by the BBC. They usually consist of spoofs and crossovers with other TV shows, and stories produced for special occasions.

Title Episodes Writer Director Original airdate “A Fix with Sontarans” 1 episode, 9 minutes Eric Saward Marcus Mortimer 23 February 1985 A segment of Jim’ll Fix It during Colin Baker’s tenure as the Sixth Doctor, also starring Janet Fielding as Tegan Jovanka. “Search Out Science: Search Out Space” 1 episode, 25 minutes Lambros Atteshlis and Stuart Berry-Anne Billingsley Stuart Berry-Anne Billingsley 21 November 1990 A special edition of the children’s education programme Search Out Science featuring Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor, Sophie Aldred as Ace and John Leeson as K-9. Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death 4 parts, 23 minutes total Steven Moffat John Henderson 12 March 1999 A Comic Relief spoof, starring Rowan Atkinson, Richard E. Grant, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant, and Joanna Lumley as the Doctor, and Jonathan Pryce as the Master. “Attack of the Graske” 14-minute interactive episode Gareth Roberts Ashley Way 25 December 2005 An interactive “mini-episode” debuting on the BBC Red Button service The Infinite Quest 13 parts, 45 minutes total Alan Barnes Gary Russell 2 April – 30 June 2007 An animated serial debuting as segments during Totally Doctor Who made during David Tennant’s tenure as The Doctor, plus his companion Martha Jones. “Music of the Spheres“ 7 minutes Russell T Davies Euros Lyn 27 July 2008
BBC iPlayer and BBC Radio 3 (audio only)
1 January 2009
BBC One A segment of the 2008 BBC Proms “Doctor Who: Tonight’s the Night“ 3 minutes Russell T Davies Alice Troughton 23 May 2009 A segment of Tonight’s the Night written for the winner of the Doctor Who Alien Talent Search competition.Starring the competition winner Tim Ingham as Sao Til, John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness and David Tennant as himself. Dreamland 6 parts, 45 minutes total Phil Ford Gary Russell 21-26 November 2009
BBC Red Button and online
5 December 2009
BBC Two An animated serial debuting on the BBC Red Button service and the BBC Doctor Who website, and later broadcast as one episode on BBC Two. “Death Is the Only Answer“ 4 minutes The Children of Oakley Junior School Jeremy Webb 1 October 2011 Doctor Who Confidential special “Good as Gold“ 3 minutes The Children of Ashdene School Saul Metzstein 24 May 2012 Blue Peter special

Home video releases

Title Episodes Writer Director Release date Meanwhile in the TARDIS 2 episodes, 7 minutes total Steven Moffat Euros Lyn 8 November 2010 Two additional scenes, starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, specially filmed for “The Complete Fifth Series” boxset which reveal what occurred between selected regular episodes. The first instalment is set between “The Eleventh Hour” and “The Beast Below”, the second is set between “Flesh and Stone” and “The Vampires of Venice”. Night and the Doctor “Bad Night”
“Good Night”
“First Night”
“Last Night”
“Up All Night”, 16 minutes total Steven Moffat Richard Senior 21 November 2011 Five additional scenes written and produced for “The Complete Sixth Series” boxset.